This section will give you background on resources about Galveston Bay, as well as important information about the Estuary Program.
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National Estuaries Week is September 19-26, 2020

This is an opportunity to share with others the great things that the Galveston Bay Estuary provides for our region.

If you have a planned event, please register your event on the Restore America’s Estuaries registration page. We’d love to see the Galveston Bay estuary represented!

Below are some photos and posts you can copy and share on social media outlets.

  • Coastal wildlife habitats are the foundations for whole ecosystems. Will you help protect your local species by restoring their habitats? #EstuariesWeek #BacktheBay (include your organization’s website)
  • Your coast needs your help. Do you know the impact of invasive species in the Galveston Bay watershed? #EstuairesWeek #BacktheBay (include your organization’s website/info)
  • You’re more connected to Galveston Bay than you think. You can help protect and preserve our ecosystem. #EstuairesWeek #BacktheBay (include your organization’s website/info)
  • Trash on the ground ends up in Galveston Bay. Keep trash off the ground and out of our water. #EstuairesWeek #BacktheBay (include your organization’s website/info)

Estuaries Week Photo    

  Estuaries Week Photo