Fiscal YearProgram AreaProject NameContractorContract NumberProject Materials
2005WSQUrban Watershed ProtectionTexas Cooperative Extension582-05-65074Final Report
2005WSQFailing Septic System InitiativeHouston-Galveston Area Council 582-05-65075Materials
2005PPEKid's Day at Bay DayHarris County Department of Education582-05-65088
2005PPEChristmas Bay North Shoreline Wetland and Water Quality Protection ProjectTexas Parks and Wildlife Department 582-05-65091Final Report
2005NRUA Field Guide to Invasive Species (Plants)Geotechnology Research Institute / Houston Advanced Research Center 582-05-65092Final Report
2005WSQGalveston Bay Seafood Safety Project: Phase IITexas Department of State Health Services582-05-65096Findings
2005M&RBay Barometer Illustration DesignDinah Bowman Studio and Gallery582-05-65097Materials
2005NRUEast Bay Shoreline Protection and Marsh RestorationGalveston Bay Foundation582-05-65098Final Report
2005NRUInvasive Species Control and Habitat Enhancement at Virginia Point Coastal PreserveSCENIC Galveston, Inc.582-05-65099Final Report
2005M&REcosystem Research: Ecopath WorkshopVilly Christensen and Carl Walters582-05-65101, 582-05-65102Final Report
2005PPEGalveston Bay Plan Implementation Strategic Planning WorkshopUniversity of Texas at Austin582-05-65105
2005NRUWest Bay Wetlands and Water Quality Protection ProjectTexas State University582-05-65110Final Report
2005PPECharting the Course to 2015 - The Galveston Bay Plan Implementation UpdateUniversity of Texas at Austin582-05-65114Final Report
2006NRUNorth Deer Island, Phase IITexas Parks and Wildlife Department582-06-77782
2006PPEEnvironmental Kiosks for the City of PearlandCity of Pearland582-06-77774Final Report
2006PPEGalveston Bay Watershed Academic PartnershipUniversity of Houston - Clear Lake582-06-77775Final Report
2006NRUMcAllis Point Wetland and Habitat Conservation ProjectGalveston County Parks Department582-06-77790Final Report
2006NRUHabitat Conservation Blueprint UpdateUniversity of Houston - Clear Lake / Environmental Institute of Houston582-06-77791Final Report
2006WSQRegional Stormwater Training ProjectCity of Baytown582-06-77812Final Report
2007NRUConservation Assistance Program The Trust for Public Land582-07-77793Final Report
2007PPEGalveston Bay Newspaper InsertThe Houston Chronicle582-07-77795Materials
2007M&RStatus and Trends Database MaintenanceGeotechnology Research Institute / Houston Advanced Research Center 582-07-77799Final Report
2007NRUManaging Freshwater Inflows to Galveston Bay 2Geotechnology Research Institute / Houston Advanced Research Center 582-07-77804Final Report
2007WSQDickinson and Armand Bayou Watershed Protection PGA 1Texas Cooperative Extension582-07-77817-02Final Report
2007WSQWatershed Protection Plan Implementation PGA 2Texas Cooperative Extension582-07-77817-01
2007M&RSystematic Monitoring of Highland and Marchand BayousHouston-Galveston Area Council 582-07-77819Findings
2007M&RCoastal Prairie Freshwater Wetland Function StudyBaylor University582-07-77820Findings
2007M&RAir Deposition ModelingUniversity of Houston582-07-77821Final Report
2007WSQBastrop Bayou Watershed Protection PGA 1Houston-Galveston Area Council 582-07-77823-01Bastrop Bayou
Watershed Protection Plan
2007PPEEnvirocast PGAHouston-Galveston Area Council 582-07-77823-02Final Report
2007M&REcoLogical Mapping ProjectHouston-Galveston Area Council 582-07-77823-04Final Report
2007PPEGalveston Bay Drive and Discover Guide Reprint PGAGalveston Bay Foundation582-07-77831-02
2007NRUBurnett Bay Wetland Protection and RestorationGalveston Bay Foundation582-07-77831-04Final Report
2007NRUInvasive Species Control ProjectGalveston Bay Foundation582-07-77831-05Final Report
2007PPEBoater Waste Education Campaign PGAGalveston Bay Foundation582-07-77831-06Final Report
2007M&RRestoration Site MonitoringUniversity of Houston - Clear Lake / Environmental Institute of Houston582-07-77833
2008PPEEcoTeacho: Eco-Action Adventures in the Lower Galveston Bay WatershedHouston Independent School District582-08-77802Final Report
2008M&RGalveston Bay Plankton AnalysisTexas A&M University582-08-84950Final Report
2008M&RState of the Bay 3rd EditionGeotechnology Research Institute / Houston Advanced Research Center 582-08-84951Final Report
2008NRUStarvation Gap Wetland and Water Quality Protection and Restoration ProjectTexas Parks and Wildlife Department582-08-84956Final Report
2008PPEEco-Art Adventure Program via Kayak: Building the Capacity to Serve All Members of the Upper Texas CoastThe Artist Boat, Inc.582-08-84967Final Report
2008PPEWaterborne Education Center Outreach ProjectThe Waterborne Education Center582-08-84968Materials
2008PPEHouston's Birds and Bayous Public Awareness and Educational CampaignCity of Houston Parks and Recreation Department582-08-84969Final Report
2008PPEA Mobile Classroom for Aquatic EducationJunior Anglers & Hunters of America, Inc.582-08-84970Final Report
2008PPEWetlands and Water Education for Elementary Science TeachersClear Creek Independent School District582-08-84971Final Report
2008NRUA Field Guide to Invasive Animals of the Galveston Bay AreaGeotechnology Research Institute / Houston Advanced Research Center 582-08-84976Final Report
2009NRUBrazilian Pepper Control ProjectGalveston Bay Foundation582-07-77831-13Final Report
2009WSQArmand Bayou Watershed Protection and ImplementationUniversity of Houston - Clear Lake / Environmental Institute of Houston582ā€09ā€84949Final Report
2009NRUWest Bay Watershed Conservation InitiativeTexas State University582-09-84978Final Report
2009NRUMoses Lake Protection and Restoration ProjectTexas General Land Office582-09-84979
2009M&REcosystem Modeling to improve management decisionsUniversity of Houston - Clear Lake / Environmental Institute of Houston582-09-84958Final Report
2009WSQDouble Bayou Watershed Protection PlanGeotechnology Research Institute / Houston Advanced Research Center 582-09-84999Final Report

2009WSQSims WoodsCity of Houston Parks and Recreation Department582-09-94126Final Report
2010NRUGalveston Bay Habitat Management ProjectGalveston Bay Foundation582-07-77831-15Final Report
2010NRUOstermayer Bayou Wetland Conservation ProjectGalveston County Parks & Senior Services582-10-90505Final Report
2010M&RDouble Bayou SamplingUnited States Geologic Survey582-10-94137
2010WSQHighland Bayou Watershed CharacterizationTexas A&M AgriLife Extension Coastal Watershed Program582-10-90451Findings
2010M&RFreshwater Inflow affect on Galveston Bay Primary ProductivityTexas A&M University at Galveston582-10-94141Final Report
2011WSQStormwater Implementation for the Dickinson Bayou WatershedTexas A&M AgriLife Extension Coastal Watershed Program582-11-94140Final Report
2011NRUInvasive Species Management in the LGB WatershedGalveston Bay Foundation582-07-77831-18
2011PPEDrive and Discover Guide Amend. No. 1 (formerly Tenth Biennial State of the Bay Symposium)Galveston Bay Foundation582-07-77831-19Materials
Final Report

2011NRUConservation Assistance Program Galveston Bay Foundation582-11-13166Final Report
2011WSQWatershed Planning and ImplementationTexas A&M AgriLife Extension Coastal Watershed Program582-11-13415Final Report
2011NRULower Galveston Bay Wetland Protection and RestorationTexas Parks and Wildlife Department582-11-13416Final Report
2011NRUFollet's Island Conservation ProjectTexas General Land Office582-11-13418Final Report
2012WSQGalveston, Brazoria, and Harris County Stormwater Quality Improvement (Stormwater Wetland Pilot Projects)Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Coastal Watershed Program582-12-22870Final Report
2012NRUShipe Woods Shoreline StabilizationGalveston Bay Foundation582-07-77831-22Final Report
2012NRUDickinson Bay Habitat IslandGalveston Bay Foundation582-07-77831-23
2012WSQCedar Bayou Watershed Protection PlanHouston-Galveston Area Council 582-12-22310
2012M&RTrinity and San Jacinto River Loading StudyUnited States Geologic Survey582-12-22311Final Report
2012NRUVirginia Point Shoreline StabilizationTexas General Land Office582-12-23100Final Report

Appendix Dā€“E
Appendix F-1
Appendix F-2
2012NRUSettegast Coastal Heritage PreserveTexas Parks and Wildlife Department582-12-23101Final Report
2013NRUCoastal Prairie Wetland Restoration at Sheldon Lake State ParkTexas A&M AgriLife Extension Coastal Watershed Program582-13-32746Final Report
2013NRURestoration Through Planting (Supplemental Plantings of S. alterniflora -- Phase I)Texas Parks and Wildlife Department582-13-32998Final Report
2014WSQHighland Bayou Watershed Protection Plan (WPP), Phase IITexas A&M AgriLife Extension Coastal Watershed Program582-14-41415Final Report
2014WSQGalveston Bay Public Awareness Campaign for Fats, Oils, and GreaseCity of Nassau Bay582-14-43075Final Report
2014M&RStatus and Trends MaintenanceTexas A&M University at Galveston572-14_43083Final Report
2015WSQTop Five, Least Five Priority Bacteria Impaired Assessment UnitsHouston-Galveston Area Council 582-15-52148Final Report

Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C

2015M&RMonitoring and Research RFGA (Galveston Bay: Changing Land Use Patterns and Nutrient Loading)Texas A&M University at Galveston582-15-53393Final Report
2015M&RMonitoring and Research RFGA (Mangrove Restoration in Galveston Bay: Ecological Benefits and Effective Restoration Techniques) Texas A&M University at Galveston582-15-53391Final Report
2015WSQDouble Bayou Watershed Protection Plan (WPP)Geotechnology Research Institute / Houston Advanced Research Center 582-15-51022WPP Website
2015NRUThe Oyster Lake Shoreline Protection and Marsh RestorationGalveston Bay Foundation582-15-53288Final Report
2016NRUWest Galveston Island Bayside Marsh RestorationTexas Parks and Wildlife Department 582-16-60135Final Report
2016WSQStormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) testing at the Ghirardi Family Water Smart ParkTexas A&M AgriLife Extension Coastal Watershed Program582-16-60055Final Report

White Paper
2017WSQWest Fork, San Jacinto, and Lake Creek Watershed Protection Plan (WPP)Houston-Galveston Area Council 582-17-70286Final Report
2017NRURegional Conservation Maintenance and Management ProjectTexas Parks and Wildlife Department 582-17-70219 Final Report
2017WSQ Galveston Bay Coalition of WatershedsTexas A&M AgriLife Extension Coastal Watershed Program582-17-70186 Final Report
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016PPEGalveston Bay Public Awareness CampaignTuerff-Davis EnviroMedia Social Marketing / Texas Creative582-10-84981, 582-16-62004 Final Report

Final Report

2007, 2008, 2009, 2011PPEBay Day Galveston Bay Foundation582-07-77831Bay Day
2007, 2008, 2009PPEMarsh ManiaGalveston Bay Foundation582-07-77831Marsh Mania
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019PPERiver, Lakes, Bays 'N Bayous Trash Bash Houston-Galveston Area Council 582-19-90216, 582-15-50886, 582-14-41844, 582-13-31193, 582-11-12835, 582-9-84994, 582-07-77823-03Website
2014 Report
2015 Report
2016 Report
2017 Report
2018 Report
2019 Report
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009PPEGalveston Bay Information Center Texas A&M University at Galveston582-09-84983, 582-5-65119
2018WSQDesigning for Impact: Promoting Low Impact Development Implementation Houston-Galveston Area Council582-18-80339Final Report
2016PPEBack the Bay Public Awareness CampaignTexas Creative582-16-62004Final Report
2017GBEP ProgramTexas Commission on Environmental Quality for the Galveston Bay Estuary Program (GBEP) Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan RevisionHouston-Galveston Area Council582-17-70188Final Report
2017M&RFreshwater inflows in Galveston Bay: relationship to (harmful) algal blooms (HABs)Texas A&M University at Galveston582-17-70187Final Report
2016M&RThe Impacts of Assimilative Capacity of Reservoirs on Coastal InflowsGeotechnology Research Institute
Houston Advanced Research Center
582-16-60126Final Report
2018M&RSeafood Evaluation in a Portion of Upper Galveston BayTexas Department of State Health Services582-18-80234 Final Report
2018NRULiving Shoreline at Trinity Bay Discovery CenterGalveston Bay Foundation582-18-80340Final Report
2018PPEWhite Oak Bayou Native Habitat Restoration and OutreachHouston Parks and Recreation Department582-18-80341 Final Report
Program Area Key:

PPE: Public Participation and Education
NRU: Natural Resources Uses
WSQ: Water and Sediment Quality
M&R: Monitoring and Research